As so many people frantically search for their purpose in life, there are so many around us who have found it. Meet Sara, who works as an Informational Technology lead, reviewing codes and systems during the day, spinning words and writing award winning stories at every other possible time. This blog is scripted from a delightful conversation with her.

“My son brought writing to my life. He said bye happily as I left for work one morning and the joy and grief that stirred my heart poured into my first blog.

When people ask why I started writing, I think they’re looking for what was missing in my life, the gap I was trying to fill. But there was no gap. I had achieved my goals; had become an engineer, done an MBA, was building a good career and had a loving family. I started writing to capture moments so I could have them forever, for myself. And that was how it was for many years, I wrote about things that happened in my life, perhaps as an attempt to wrap my hands around time, to hold on to something precious.

I wrote happy blogs, humorous blogs, nostalgic blogs, but it was grief that made me a writer. My kind, gentle father was ill and as I watched him slowly slip away from us, I found solace in my writing. And as I whispered my sorrow into words, I touched the hearts of friends and strangers and I started to write more. I had always felt reluctant about sharing my writing, but now I shared. It seemed purposeful, like there was something meaningful that connected me with everyone who read my stories.

The acknowledgement was encouraging. The small awards, getting published in magazines, the note from an unknown person, the call from a friend. I remembered an old neighbour reading through my school assignment saying I should be a writer. The words forgotten in the race to achieve bring a smile to me now. Maybe he saw what I didn’t, but the path that brought me here also makes me happy. There is a time for everything in life, we just have to keep the windows open and let the breeze come in.

My thirst for writing has taken me to another world, much beyond my own life experiences. My favourite from my own writing today is a piece of fiction. My son, the first word in my journey with words, is relieved.

Most of my stories are about Indian characters in an Indian setting. I like to think I’m bringing a bit of my culture to the world, helping it understand the people behind the explicit symbolism of colourful sarees and turbaned men, and helping us all connect.

I haven’t left my ‘other life’ behind. I still work in technology and I still enjoy it. There are two facets to my life and I think I would not enjoy one without the other.

The balance is not easy, it never is. Sometimes I scribble notes into a phone, sometimes I steal some moments from my family, sometimes I am desperate to write that carefully crafted sentence into a story as I drive and sometimes I wonder how AI can impact the technology I work on, the innovations that will change how we work and the world we live in.

My balance is not easy, my balance is never in synch but the imbalance of the two ends of my world keep me centred, passionate and happy.”

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