We view organisation design as building the foundation of exceptional organisations so their talent has the environment and infrastructure it needs to excel. As firms look to the future and build on the present, we support our clients by creating a common understanding of the future and its impact on talent and talent strategies.

We help organisations define and align themselves with their future selves. We help them look holistically, right from defining their core values to the possible threats in the future that they might need to combat and provide strategies and structured plans for accelerated growth. Some interventions that we support these efforts with are:

HR Strategy & Organisation Structure
In exceptional organisations, an HR Strategy and organisational structure are enablers of future focussed business plans. Aligned to this philosophy, we help organisations envision themselves in the near future and articulate HR strategies that would enable them to achieve their desired goals. This could include a review of the current and in-reach future structure, identification of accelerator roles and defining a talent roadmap to achieving desired results.
Organisation Culture
Stated or not, every organisation has a culture! We work with our clients to take a proactive view of the culture they want to create in the organisation. We challenge our clients to continue to identify the core ideologies that bring true meaning to the organisation so resources can be directed towards creating a culture that is meaningful to its vision and people. Core ideologies are then embedded through cultural anchoring and messaging we help build across functional channels.
Starter-Kits for SMEs
We provide customised solutions and starter kits to SMEs and Start-Ups as they start to scale operations and need some people systems and structures in place. Some solutions that we support our clients with are: Onboarding solutions, Recruitment guidelines, Employee handbooks and Engagement initiatives.

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