The difference between exceptional and mediocre organisations lies in their talent. Exceptional companies manage their talent to ensure continuous learning, capacity building and engagement at all levels of the organisation. Mediocre companies make their employees focus on goals of today and exceptional companies encourage envisioning and achieving for the future. And that’s where we come in. Metis Talent Management helps organisations plan, organise and develop essential forward-looking talent solutions and strategies to confront complex challenges upfront. We help our clients maximise the potential of their talent which in turn generates incredible value. Our consulting experience combined with the deep-seated belief that enablement accelerates potential provides the framework required for true engagement and development. Some interventions that we support these efforts with are:

Assessment Centres and Development Centres

Selecting top talent is never easy. Our carefully designed selection tools help identify differentiating competencies necessary for continued organisation success. We design customised development and assessment centres with a combination of virtual and in-person techniques. We also believe in imparting relevant skills to managers to conduct these interviews and assessments, and design competency-based guides to assist them through this process.

HI-Potential Frameworks
Our solutions have helped organisations of all sizes to create and provide the right framework to identify their High Potential talent. We train internal stakeholders to own and implement the system on an on-going basis. Our customised learning modules are designed to accelerate learning and progression in high potentials.
Leadership Development
We help our clients grow their next generation of leaders through customised learning modules that help shape behaviours of emerging leaders and encourage a culture of self-enablement. Using core frameworks that are embedded in experiential learning, neuro-linguistic programming and action-based learning approaches, we encourage participants to expand the boundaries of their potential.
Executive Coaching
Our focussed coaching techniques support coachees in creating and implementing personalised plans to maximise their potential. Our coaching philosophy is embedded in helping our clients find their own solutions while opening their thoughts to possibilities and challenges. Apart from coaching leaders and emerging leaders through their growth paths, we also provide coaching for executives transitioning into new roles and team coaching where the team has embarked on a collective journey.

Our self-awareness accelerator, INsight™ is designed specifically for senior leaders in organizations. Having done through a tremendous amount of training in the past, these leaders are conceptually savvy but sometimes unaware of their own behaviours and impact on others. Aligned to each leader’s style, INsight™ creates awareness that propels them to their next phase of growth.

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