“Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something” – Max Lucado. With the seemingly unstoppable COVID19 pandemic, this saying holds true more than ever.

All the great minds in the world are busy trying to contain this pandemic – from vaccine research to technological solutions to generous health supply donations, everyone is fighting this battle as ‘one’, and the spirit of humanity is shining through.

Deeper away from the headlines are equally heart warming stories about compassion and purpose and this update of Live with Passion, is dedicated to them.

Hillary Cohen from California has always been at home with her sewing machine. She spent 12 hours sewing masks for those on the frontlines of this pandemic. She sewed 100 masks in 12 hours and also organised a virtual sew-a-thon to bring as many sewers together as possible. She managed to donate 189 masks to a hospital that would be used by the janitors, security guards and hospital workers.

Source: straitstimes.com

Back home in Singapore, a home-based sewing project guided by Jacquelene Pang has led to making of over 300 masks for children from vulnerable families. It has inspired a nationwide do-it-yourself movement to make masks for those in need. They are targeting 50,000 masks within next 4 weeks.

In the UK, a 99 year old world war veteran, Tom Moore, raised over an astounding £ 25 million for health workers by walking 100 laps of his garden. His initial target was to raise £ 1000, but good deeds are contagious!

Source: hauterfly.com

In an awe-inspiring gesture, 95-year-old Pi Nghakliani from Mizoram, India donated her late husband’s pension to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Nghakliani used to be a tailor and also wanted to utilise her skills to their maximum ability. She has started sewing masks and gave them away for free when she realised there was acute shortage in her area.

Such heart-warming stories, witnessing everyone coming together as one amidst all the chaos gives us hope in these dark times. They aptly justify Greta Thunberg’s words “No one is too small to make a difference”.

If you have such inspiring stories to share of yourself or someone you know, please drop us a note and we will publish them in this space. Till then stay home, stay safe!