(Scripted from a conversation with Bhavana Mittal, VP (Head) – Media and Digital, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, who lives with passion as she pursues her corporate goals in balance with her love for yoga)

“I walked into a class for some fun with a friend and came out with an identity that I didn’t know I was missing till then.”

My journey into the world of yoga seemed incidental, hinged on a decision to explore another experience, but as I think deeper, it seems like I was walking a path to this class for a long time. From doing yoga with my grandfather, to reading the Gita with my grandmother, to a few classes at the end of a school year, to a need to explore more about myself, the interest in nature, in people, in balance, in spirituality, in health, it’s all led up to what my yoga practice means to me.

I have learnt to accept myself….. If I can’t do a headstand, it’s ok; I have learnt to push within my comfort …..I just need to get more ready for the elusive headstand; and I have learnt to find joy in small things; ….a 3 second headstand in a quiet corner of my house brought more joy than the applause of a few hundred in an audience!

There has not been a black and white change in my life, I cannot share a dramatic story of discovery or change but I know I am leading my better life through my practice. A deeper understanding of myself, my spirituality and my purpose is coming together, forming an identity that seems uniquely mine.

I am now not just a practitioner, but also a trained teacher. I enjoy teaching yoga to different kinds of groups and they have also stretched me to grow. There are children’s classes that force me to think creatively, classes for seniors that make me change pace in tune with them, the last row that has pushed me to find my ‘loud’ voice and now there is the virtual class that is making me find ways of intuitively running a class without seeing my audience or knowing who has signed in. In being a part of other people’s journey to discovery, I am finding deeper connections with others.

My corporate life continues. The goals, the travel, the colleagues, it’s all still there, and I still enjoy it. My practice has helped me be more present and more aware even at work. As my personal identity fuses with yoga, I find it easier to bring that side of myself to work too. Through this COVID crisis, I have taught yoga to people around the world and also to the people closest in my world, my colleagues, and I am grateful that I had something to support them with in this time of crisis.

If there was no yoga? I can’t say there would have been something else. I have dabbled in hobbies and explored interests, but nothing captured me like this has. So, if you haven’t found your passion, keep exploring. When you happily prioritise a 5 a.m. start over an evening out with friends, you know you’ve found a passion.  It’s worth the journey and fortunately there is no time table to finding joy!

So, what’s next? As I continue to grow in my corporate life and delve deeper into practicing yoga, I find myself helping others discover their path and their balance. This new passion has spurred from my journey with yoga and I hope that the future paves a way for me to bring them together.

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