Vandita Saran

Head, Human Resources at Aon Hewitt India

Vandita Saran is a leadership development professional who works with smart, experienced and emerging mission-critical leaders to help them develop their companies, their teams, and themselves.

As the India Head of the Employee Communications Practice for Hewitt she brought the Employer Branding and Employee Engagement service offerings to India. As a specialist in corporate communication, crisis & change management communication (including M&A Communications), HR and internal communication strategy, Vandita has consulted to leading organisations across industry segments.

Q. What’s something you have read recently that had an impact on you? (and why)

A. I just finished reading Give and Take by Adam Grant. A lot of books like this aren’t nearly as groundbreaking as they claim to be, but this one definitely changed the way I think about the world. Grant has come up with a compelling, research backed view of what makes some people successful, and others less so.


Q. How does it relate to the Asian context?

A. I believe it transcends across borders. It divides the world into givers, matchers, and takers. Backed by thorough research it states that the most successful and the least successful people are often givers, that takers often do well but not over the long term, and the vast majority of people are matchers. Like all such categorizations, it isn’t perfect, which bothered me a little – until you realize that in different situations you can either be giving, taking, or matching, and there are probably people that favor one of those three more often than not.


Q. One tip or takeaway that you want to share from this

A. Instead of aiming to take or trade value, aim to add value to others.


Q. What’s next on your reading list?

A. Playing to Win by A.G Lafley